Red Fern Book Review

Night Moves

January 21, 2021 Amy Mair Season 1 Episode 2
Red Fern Book Review
Night Moves
Show Notes

Amy interviews Vancouver night photographer Brian McConville who does his best work when most law abiding citizens are asleep. They discuss a couple of fine art books and Amy learns exactly what is a Rolleiflex camera.

Books discussed:
Night Stories: Fifteen Paintings and the Stories they Inspired, Linden Frederick
Vivan Maier: A Photographer Found, John Maloof

Other resources, items discussed:
Beautiful World, Where Are You, Sally Rooney (to be released September 2021)
Conversations with Friends, Sally Rooney
Normal People, Sally Rooney
Normal People, limited series available on Hulu/BBC Television/CBC Gem
The Daily - The New York Times, podcast

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