Red Fern Book Review

Virtual Book Club

February 26, 2021 Amy Mair Season 1 Episode 6
Red Fern Book Review
Virtual Book Club
Show Notes

Attending festivals and large events in person may be in our distant future, but one of the largest literary events in North America has found a way to pivot with new programming and a virtual lineup. Join me in my discussion with the Vancouver Writers Festival Artistic Director Leslie Hurtig and find out about what special events she has in store for this spring.  Hello, Ethan Hawke fans! Learn about some new first-time authors and how Leslie finds the time to incorporate reading into her everyday routine. I also reveal a favourite crowdsourced photography site and share a memorable new essay by beloved author Ann Patchett.

Books and resources:
Instagram: @accidentallywesanderson
Accidentally Wes Anderson by Wally Koval
Vancouver Writers Festival
"These Precious Days" by Ann Patchett, Harper's Magazine
Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks
Ru by Kim Thuy
The Return of the Trickster by Eden Robinson
A Bright Ray of Darkness by Ethan Hawke
Butter Honey Pig Bread by Francesca Ekwuyasi
Real Life by Brandon Taylor

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